Virtual trading simulation for learning real markets: Trade Mogul


Virtual trading simulation for learning real markets: Trade Mogul


The author was among top 50 students in trade mogul 2011, and it is his one of the biggest achievement in life. It was the result of his hard work, positive thinking, and never –ever give up attitude.



Trade Mogul is a unique and exciting online trading simulation competition by Futures First, GHF Group. The game is designed for students at top-tier universities to experience trading using real-time price feeds from international futures markets in oil, gold, foreign exchange and equities. This challenging and engaging game allows you to:

  • Taste the thrill and challenge of trading in huge, fast-moving international futures markets
  • Test your analytical skills and risk aptitude for trading – and to open doors to an exhilarating and lucrative career in financial services.
  • Compete for prizes based on who trades best to maximize their Profit & Loss account during the month of the competition
  • The top 50 scorers were invited to interview with Futures First
  • Weekly prizes and overall grand prizes





  • Trade Mogul is sponsored by GHF Group, an internationally recognized powerhouse of analytical trading that has built a leading reputation in international financial markets. GHF Group has a history of attracting gifted graduates from top universities and institutes to a career where they can leverage their analytical abilities through direct participation in world markets. Futures First operates in India as part of GHF Group’s International Business.
  • The CME Group, collectively the world’s largest derivatives exchanges, provides live price feeds for four different product markets to enable you to test your skills with live data and compete with other students.
  • Intercontinental Exchange operates leading regulated exchanges, trading platforms and clearing houses serving global markets for agricultural, credit, currency, emissions, energy and equity index markets including London-based ICE Futures Europe, which hosts trading in half of the world’s crude and refined oil futures contracts traded each day.



  • Participants had to register themselves for the competition which lasted for four weeks. The competition was open to all students from all universities, irrespective of academic focus, who are citizens or residents of India. Students who major in finance don’t necessarily hold an advantage because market information and analytical reports are provided on the website, and because trading success in Trade Mogul reflects the acuteness of pure numerate and analytical skills more than knowledge of international markets. Experience shows that successful competitors come from across all academic disciplines, especially those that require strong numerate and analytical skills, and that students find the game so engaging that they turn to the vast expanse of internet sources of information about the markets and basic trading strategies.


  • In addition to enjoying this test of your abilities against the market and other students, you will learn about international markets and about your own interests and abilities. In terms of the competition, participants are ranked on the basis of their profit and loss (P&L) accounts, provided that they achieve the minimum volume level of trades. Students who succeed in the competition win prizes totalling and can win interviews for a career with Futures First.



There are lots of virtual trading simulation going on over the internet  but trade mogul is the most popular trading simulation among students ,as students of top colleges like IIM’S, IIT’S,NIT’s  and the other colleges take active participation in this competition

Every year around 20-25 thousand students from the various colleges of the country take part in this competition.

Reasons for such a large participation in this competition by students are:

  • Taste the thrill and challenge of trading in huge, fast-moving international futures markets
  • Key take away of learning in international markets.
  • Lucrative Career with Futures First
  • Daily, Weekly and Grand Prize of one lakh rupees.
  • In this competition there is nothing to lose, as it‘s virtual simulation and if you make hefty profits then you will get rewarded financially with real money.


As, I was among top 50 students in trade mogul 2011, I termed it as one of the biggest achievement in my life. It was the result of hard work, positive thinking, never –ever give up attitude and self-confidence. As in the beginning of the competition I was not in very good position but I believe in myself and never ever up the hope and playing the game continuously for the four weeks from the morning  11 to 12 midnight and in the end of the day I was ended in a positive note.

So , I will suggest the students of our country to be a part of this exciting and thrilling competition as you have nothing to lose in this game and you can win grand prize of 1 lakh INR , apple I pods  , gift vouchers and the last but not least the learning and experience of trading in international financial markets.


About the author:

The author Alok Maurya is BTech from NIT Jaipur. He is passionate about financial markets and has a flair for writing financial markets article. He was among the top 50 in Trade Mogul 2011.