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Top 20 cities in Europe for banking jobs


Top 20 cities in Europe for banking jobs


Europe is one of the most sought after destinations, if you are looking for a job. The country, now that it has recovered well from the Eurozone crisis, is working really hard to support its employment structure and is trying to attract fledging entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Despite the fact that Europe has undergone various changes in the recent past, it has still stood up as one of the strongest nations in the world and here, we look at some of the best cities to consider in case you are planning for a banking job in Europe:

  • London: London is undoubtedly the most looked after destinations for people when they look for jobs abroad. It is also the most desirable city in the work for jobs. The city has a banking base, with some of the biggest banks having their headquarters in the city.


  • Copenhagen, Denmark: The Danish job market is very dynamic. It is one of those cities in Europe that have the most competition and hence fetches you the best organizations to work for. Also, this city is a home to the headquarters of many big companies and banks. The banking sector comes out with a number of vacancies here and an amazing work culture.


  • Paris, France: Paris is one of the most amazing locations to work in. The best part about the city is that it doesn’t work the monotonous way; rather, encourages people to come up with new and interesting ideas to work on. This is one of the major reasons why Paris is considered a good location for finance jobs. Such new start-ups require individuals who have enough knowledge of the market and can look into the insights well.


  • Edinburgh, Scotland: Scotland has a very strong economy and is one of the fastest developing cities too. It has got some of the best banking opportunities and offers a high quality of life. The city has been building on a strong foundation of innovation and commercialization, and therefore, presents some of the best world class opportunities.


  • Zurich, Switzerland: For most of the people working here, Switzerland appears to be a paradise to them! Switzerland not only offers some of the best work opportunities along with an amazing work culture, but is also known to be one of the highest paying cities in the world. And the banking sector tops the list!


  • Bruges, Belgium: According to a recent report, one of the highest paying jobs in Belgium is in the banking sector. Unemployment rate in the country is also falling gradually, which is a clear indicator that the country is building up jobs. Also, the strongest sector of the economy is the service sector; hence the most demand for banking, legal and media professionals.


  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Netherlands is one country that pays a lot of weightage to efficiency. Getting things done the right way and on time is the motto for people there. The banking sector is one of the most flourishing sectors here, but demands a lot of discipline. Another plus point about the place is that the work life balance is very managed here, and the business etiquettes of the banking sector are ranked the highest.


  • Budapest, Hungary: The best part about Hungary is that it is much easy to find and secure banking jobs here. Though the city doesn’t offer any extraordinary opportunities in the banking sector, there are plenty of jobs available, which is an advantage.


  • Rome, Italy: Rome is another of the cities that is always seeking people in the services sector, and hence banking. The city offers good salary packages and amazing culture to work in.


  • Vienna, Austria: Austria is one country which is fairly reasonable and easier to get in as compared to other nations in Europe. Recently, it was shown that there still are some chances of growth and some really good employment opportunities in some sectors, including banking. Also, Austrian employers generally look for people who can commit for long term, hence, offering a secure future.


  • Barcelona, Spain: Spain is especially popular for seasonal work; however, banking is one industry where the seasonality takes a back step and the country offers great opportunities for work. Barcelona is a modern city and offers great living style for immigrants. Also, banking is one of the highest paying jobs here.


  • Salzburg, Austria: This is a pretty unknown and less popular city in Austria, which offers great growth opportunities. And though there is nothing extraordinary yet to look for, as per insights, we see that since banking is an integral sector of any working system, there’s much to look for in the future.


  • Florence, Italy: Though Rome is the much beloved capital in Italy, the second on the list is Florence. The city is a much sought after city in the list of the most followed one, and hundreds of job opportunities are available here, not particularly in banking but in the finance sector. The Florence mayor also stated the same recently.


  • Dublin, Ireland: Finding a job in Dublin is not an easy task. Due to the stringent work measures of the city, it is very difficult for people from other cities to find work here. However, the service sector here plays the biggest role in the working of the economy and hence the banking profession offers good work.


  • Prague, Czech Republic: Prague is the largest and the national capital of Czech Republic. The city offers a variety of finance jobs; though, the maximum number of jobs are available for TEFL. The average salary for finance graduates is highest here and the city offers a fair cost and standard of living.


  • Milan, Italy: Although the Italian economy is going through some rough times right now, Milan is one city that is probably recovering the fastest. The city offers ample number of employment opportunities, especially for graduates and post graduates. Milan is a very important location for banking services and hence offers good job roles.


  • Riga, Latvia: Riga is a small city; however, is especially known for its finance sector. It is a very unique city and has got some really good job opportunities to look at.


  • Istanbul, Turkey: The only good thing about this city is that it has good ample number of job opportunities; however, it is not at all easy to get into and grab a role. The city is also the cultural and financial centre of Turkey, which gives an added advantage.


  • Sofia, Bulgaria: Sofia is one of the most significant settlements Europe has ever seen. Though the city is not a very populous one, it is quite known for its obsession with language and culture. Recently, it has seen a sudden surge in the demand for banking jobs, hence this city is a part of this list.


  • Frankfurt, Germany: Frankfurt is one of the most significant financial centers in Europe. This is because of the fact that many big banks have their headquarters here such as Deutsche Bank. Also Frankfurt has its importance because of European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters, and also presence of German Central Bank (Bundesbank). Frankfurt also boasts of one of the most important stock exchanges in Europe (Deutsche Boerse). There are lot of custodian banks also such as State Street in Frankfurt. Therefore, Frankfurt is one city to look out for if you are looking for financial markets jobs in Europe!


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