All about Bloomberg’s BESS certification


All you wanted to know about Bloomberg BESS certification program


Bloomberg BESS certification program is a certification in Bloomberg terminal in Equity, Fixed Income Commodity and Forex


Bloomberg is a market leader in providing financial news and information including real time and historic price data, financial data, trading news and analyst coverage, as well as general news and sports. It provides the services through its own platform, television, radio and magazines. The Bloomberg terminal is Windows-based application, through which one can access the Bloomberg data sources.


BESS is known as Bloomberg Essential Online training program. After completion of this program, Bloomberg awards an “Acknowledgement of Completion” certificate. Bloomberg Essential program provides an easy way to learn the basics of Bloomberg financial information system and some basic functionality within each market sector. It teaches how to navigate the Bloomberg terminal for getting and analyzing news and financial information.


The BESS training tutorial is divided in various modules as follows:


  1. Bloomberg Core
  • Getting Started
  • Bloomberg News
  • Market Monitors and Launch pad
  • API (Bloomberg Data in Excel)

 2. Bloomberg Market Sector

  • Equity Essentials
  • Fixed Income Essentials
  • FX (Forex) Essentials
  • Commodity Essentials


One has to view the Bloomberg Core tutorial and pass the core exam for getting access to Bloomberg Market sector tutorial. After completing at least one tutorial from the Bloomberg market sector, one can earn a certificate of completion, however one can complete all the 4 market sectors to get accomplishment certificate for each sector. As only two chances are available for each exam, serious effort and time allocation is needed for each tutorial.


  1. Bloomberg Core Exam:

  • Getting started: The tutorial starts with the Main<GO> function which is a menu based navigation system through which we can enter into different sections for information as per our requirement. Next, it introduces about Bloomberg keyboard – how different colored keys can be used to make navigation faster. It shows how to use Help function for getting help and tips on different functions and also to interact through Bloomberg helpdesk. Also, it shows the usage and function keys for News, Economic Calendar, World Equity Indices, and Economic Statistics.
  • Bloomberg News: This module teaches one how to utilize the Bloomberg system to check the most important and recent market news based on various filters such as by region, topic, source and language.
  • Market Monitors and Launchpad: The Bloomberg Launchpad is a GUI window that allows the users to customize and quickly access the required information. This module teaches the basics of how to create a monitor, search for news, and add charts and also some tips for using it.
  • Bloomberg API: This is Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can help the user to get the data directly into the Excel. It covers how to use the Bloomberg data research by navigating the data, fetching real time data as well as historical data, using tools for technical analysis, etc. It also shows you how to such for the fields and also to find resources.


  1. Bloomberg Market Sector:

  • Bloomberg FX Essential: The Bloomberg Foreign Exchange Essential covers the key screens and functions to analyze information on various foreign exchange products such as Foreign exchange, Forwards, Currency swaps, etc. It also covers how to get the real time rates of various currencies and basic curves for most currency pairs.
  • Bloomberg Fixed Income Essentials: This cover the analyzing and monitoring the instruments which is available within fixed income in Bloomberg terminal. It will teach the key functions to easily access and analyze the instruments and information related to it. It also help in availing the information on credit ratings and cost of capital for fixed income securities
  • Bloomberg Equity Essentials: It covers the equity research using Bloomberg terminal. It teaches the key functionalities that can help one in finding the news information which affect the investment strategies. Through the key functions we can quickly analyze the market trends and equity market as a whole. It teaches how to view the historical prices of the stock, along with the company description and various analyst reports and estimates.
  • Commodity Essentials: This covers the basics of navigating Bloomberg commodities functionality. It helps in locating and assessing commodities futures and spots and also analytics of information relating to it.


The BESS training is very helpful for finance aspirants, researchers and also for those who are working in the finance industry. Bloomberg terminal is industry’s most widely used real time financial data source, which gives influential decision makers, an edge over others by connecting them to a wide network of information and ideas. It is most important for the user to know the proper way of navigating the terminal and the key functions for easy and quick access for which BESS training is must.


About the Author:

The Author – Bedabrat Hazarika is a student of MSc in Quantitative Finance with Pondicherry university. He has completed the BESS certification program in Bloomberg terminal in Equity, Fixed Income, Commodity and Forex. And has also completed the Bloomberg Market Concept (BMC). He can be reached at


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