11 Best Countries in the World to Retire


11 Best Countries in the World to Retire


Many people choose to retire overseas. There are many reasons why this might be attractive, from the healthy and relaxing lifestyle to the more affordable cost of living.


You might be dreaming of beautiful sandy beaches or year-round sunny weather or getting more for your money and these are possibilities in the year 2017 and beyond. But with so many options available around the world, how do you know where to even start looking?


What Points to Take into Account

There are many factors to take into account when you are working out the best countries in the world to retire. For each person, the factors that help them make a decision will be slightly different and some of them are subjective and others may not be an issue for some people.


However, the data that is collected on places for people to retire is comprehensive and includes a wide range of different categories. Some of the categories that sites take into account vary slightly, but include:

● The cost of rent or buying real estate

● Can you get direct flights to and from the US

● Is English spoken in the country or at least understood

● Are there existing expat communities

● What is the weather like, including humidity and rain

● The cost of a doctor’s visit and other healthcare

● How easy it is to get a residence visa

● Retiree discounts

● The possibility of healthy living including climate and availability of produce

● Entertainment and amenities

● Level of infrastructure


Best Countries to Retire:


1. Panama – This country has many sides to it, making it a favorite for all types of people. There is the glitzy side of Panama City to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean coast. For retirees, this country is close to perfect with great benefits for both local and foreign retirees.


2. Ecuador – This country has become more popular recently. Real estate is very affordable, allowing retirees to get more for their money. The climate is also pretty near perfect and the landscape is beautiful. Retiree benefits also score highly.


3. Mexico – Mexico has proven to be an all-round location for retirees and offers affordable living for those coming from the US. There are already established expat communities, allowing Mexico to be comfortable and familiar.


4. Costa Rica – Costa Rica scores highly in the healthy lifestyle category. The excellent climate makes outdoor living a possibility, as well as making it possible for people to grow their own produce. The low cost of living and top healthcare are also attractive for retirees.


5. Malaysia – Malaysia scores highly in the entertainment and amenities categories with its rich culture. It is also popular for those looking for a healthy lifestyle and has affordable healthcare. Real estate is also affordable.


6. Colombia – Colombia is becoming more popular as a retirement destination. Healthcare and healthy living are a big plus here with a great outdoor environment and lots of fresh produce available. Entertainment and amenities are also readily available.


7. Nicaragua – Nicaragua scores very highly in the affordable living category and it is possible to retire on less than $1,500 a month, including rent. Healthy living is also a big plus here with a beautiful outdoors environment.


8. Spain – Spain is a popular retirement location with great infrastructure that offers a Mediterranean climate and beautiful sandy beaches, along with modern roads, an extensive public transport system and more.


9. Malta – Malta offers the popular Mediterranean climate and diet that promotes a healthy lifestyle, as well as a particularly low crime rate.


10. Portugal – Portugal is another country with a fabulous Mediterranean climate, along with great European infrastructure. The Mediterranean diet and climate help promote healthy living. English is also widely understood, making it comfortable and easy to live there.


11. Thailand – Thailand is popular for people to whom an Asian lifestyle and cuisine appeal. Thriving expat communities in the larger cities offer enough English and North American culture for you to feel comfortable.


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