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How to become an expert in writing financial markets articles!


How to become an expert in writing financial markets articles!

Finance, undoubtedly is the soul of any economy or business system. No world can ever function without finance and we talk about this topic, we talk about everything, from revenues, to costs, profits, figures, margins, stocks, interest, bonds, portfolio, markets and what not.

Finance is one of the most interesting domains that the world has ever seen. And probably that’s why people always want to know and learn more about it. From a roadside seller to a global businessman, we see that every individual who earns and spends should know finance.

With this rising level of curiously, the world turns to people who already have some knowledge of the financial system. One of the ways through which these experts impart their knowledge is through blogs and articles. Anyone who has a fair idea about any element of the financial world can write an article and share his learning. However, there are some things that a writer should always keep in mind while developing such a piece.

Here are some of the tips to follow whenever you plan to write a financial market article:

  • CLARITY & FOCUS: Before you write an article, you should be able to generate extremely clear and concise content regarding what is the topic and what you want to put forward to the readers. Always remember that the readers might be completely unaware of the topic that you are writing about. For instance, the reader might have no idea about how the financial markets work and function. In that case, if you pen down something which is wrong, without having proper information and knowledge, you might end up imparting incorrect knowledge. Hence, care should be taken that you yourself are very confident about what you are writing.
  • TOPIC: Also, it is generally seen that instead of just writing down on a particular topic, if the article is more based on an idea, the reader will be more enthused. For instance, rather than writing an article on “Debt Management”, if the article says, “How to manage Debt and make Money”, the reader will find it more interesting. It is not, however, necessary, to differentiate the content in these two; the content may be similar. However, it is the structure and the framework of the words that is going to make more of a difference in the reading experience.
  • EXPERIENCES: Another very important tip is that finance is not just about knowledge. There is also a lot of experience that goes along. For instance, if you just write an article on a topic detailing what the topic is all about, it won’t be anything new for the reader. He, rather, might get the same knowledge reading it from a book. However, if you, as a writer, include some of your personal experiences in the article, the reader will find it more engaging and it’ll also make much more sense to him. If the reader feels that you have actually been there and done what you are talking about, he will also feel more confident about what he is learning is correct.
  • VIEWS: Before you actually start writing your own article, it is better if you go through other similar articles that have been published in the past. This is because when you would read other writers’ pieces as a reader, there will be a lot of new things that you would understand. Another thing is that this might even give you a new ideas on how you can make your article better than others. There also might be some non-evident mistakes that these writers might have made and you as a reader can point them out and make sure that those are not repeated.
  • DEPTH: Also, it is very important that when you write an article on a particular topic, you should know about it in depth. You should have complete knowledge on what you are writing about. Also, it is as important to keep yourself updated; when you write something, don’t forget to point out what is actually going on in the financial world and the reasons behind what you are writing.
  • STRUCTURE: Now when you write an article, not only the content is important. It’s also very important how you frame and structure the article. To start with, one should try to divide the article into different paragraphs and this can be done with respect to content, sub topics etc. Also, care should be taken that the article begins with a basic knowledge about the topic and then further moves on to explain the difficult parts. The font, color, size and alignment is also important to emphasize key points. Also, try to include as many pictures and figures in the piece; this makes the article much more interesting and develops interest.

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