7 Best Personal Finance Apps for Banking, Budgeting and Saving

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7 Best Personal Finance Apps for Banking, Budgeting and Saving

In earlier times, people used to manage their finances by writing down their finances on the piece of paper. This process had been tedious and also prone to lot of manual mistakes. But today, we all have moved towards an eco-friendly way (and error free) where all this is now managed by the use of the smart phone applications which save a lot of time and allow us to do our tasks more efficiently.

So, let us bring forward the most recommended finance apps of today in this article-


Being one of most used finance app, Mint is free and effortless way to manage the entire money in one place. With this app, everything is shown simply in the form of graphs and charts – thus enabling the person to understand his finances better. With this app, one can bring together his bank accounts, credit cards, bills, investments etc so that he can—

  • Get complete picture of the financial life
  • Manage the bills and money together
  • Save time and money
  • Manage budgets in a better way
  • Get a better understanding of the credit score


It is an application that allowing a person to invest in small amounts at low cost ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) which can be done in over 3500 stocks and bonds. All this process takes only a few minutes and the user can invest from $30 to $180 a month on an average, but if he wishes for more, then he can also invest a lump sum amount up to $30,000. The features that this app offers are as follows—

  • A person can invest more with recurring investments, one-time investments, referrals etc.
  • One can track the given app’s progress by checking into his/her bank account from anywhere
  • It allows the person to get access to financial publications, magazines etc
  • One can withdraw amount anytime without any charge


This app is also called Mobile money meter. It is a simple tool that automatically analyzes a person’s financial picture and also provides the following features—

  • User gets access to the personal spending guide so that he can know what and how he can safely spend
  • It allows the user to create his own trackers so that he can see the spending that matters to him
  • One can get an insight into one’s financial feed
  • One can safely view one’s bank and credit cards


This app allows its users to save money given that he did not even realize that he has. It automatically scans the user’s income, spending patterns and transfers a small amount of savings so that it seems that he would not necessarily need it in a separate account that it manages. Also the person can withdraw anytime from his savings account but cannot make the interest on it. This app was officially launched in February and has Google’s backing.


This app offers free credit scores and reports based upon which better credit card or loan offers can be recommended and can further enhance our finances. Apart from all this, the user has access to the following additional services—

  • Free credit card monitoring: The user can get alerts about the important changes in his/her credit report.
  • Direct Dispute: If the person encounters error in his given report, he can submit the dispute without leaving credit karma.
  • Free education, tips and tools
  • Personalized recommendations


Formerly called Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA), this app is a money manager and expense tracker that acts as a great tool for home budget planning. It brings the time tested envelope budgeting method into the smart phone and provides the following features—

  • A user can sync across Android, iPhone and web to share his budget with the budgeting partners
  • Personal finance manager added as a virtual update feature in the app acts as a proactive budget planner to allow us to be on top of the bills and finances
  • A person can also get the insightful reports of his finances


It is an expense tracking app that gives complete picture of the expenditures of a person whether he spends it daily, weekly or monthly. Best feature of this app is that the person can simply scan his receipts and automatically the app will input all the details of his purchase. This way the user doesn’t have to go into typing every detail of its spending while the app saves all receipts.

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