6 tips to help you clear the NSDL – Depository Operations Module


6 tips to help you clear the NSDL – Depository Operations Module

The NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) – Depository Operations Module is one of the most challenging modules to clear as this is jointly developed by NSDL and NSE (National stock exchange of India). All branches of depository participants must have at least one person qualified in this certification programme. This fact makes it clear how important this module is.


To clear this certification is challenging not only because of the detailed content of the module but also due to the marking scheme of the module.

The passing marks are 60% and also there is negative marking for incorrect answers; this means you have to be really careful while answering the questions. To put it in simple terms, attempt only if you are sure of the correct answer as the penalty is high in case the answer goes wrong.


The one thing which serves as a motivation to clear this challenging module is one may be entitled as a “TRAINER” if he/she manages to secure more than 80% marks in the exam. Why to settle for less when you deserve more? So aim high and secure high!


Coming to the technicalities of the specified module, the study material provided by the Institute is divided into 4 sub modules. The topics covered under each sub module is as follows –


Module 1- Capital Markets & NSDL – Overview

Module 2- Business Partners – Systems, Procedures and Practices

Module 3- Core Services

Module 4- Special Services


While studying the above sub-modules, you need to keep in mind the following 6 points in mind-


  1. Out of the above mentioned sub-modules, Module 3 covers the largest portion of the study. It is based on the practical aspects of the work operations of NSDL focusing broadly on account opening, transmission and nomination, dematerialisation, trading and settlement procedures. Though it is not possible to have a practical exposure of the above work areas, it is recommended to atleast have the conceptual clarity of the same. The best tip here is whenever you are studying the functioning of any depository, imagine it as a bank (because depository is like a bank of securities) – this will help you in moving ahead with the study and in understanding most of the concepts!
  2. As many of you might be doing this while studying other courses, it is also recommended to make note of important things while studying the NCFM Modules. The exam contains objective questions, so you really need to be very accurate.
  3. As the objectives are MCQ’s (Multiple Choice questions), it is likely that one may get confused between the options provided, as they are closely related.(But as you all know, the answer have to be a single option, be wise in selecting your answer)
  4. There may be some sort of difficulty in understanding some chapters of the module while your first reading, but these difficulties get eliminated in further readings. It is recommended to have atleast three readings of the module before appearing for exam.
  5. Don’t ignore the abbreviations as these may be asked for single mark and also it helps in understanding the questions where short forms are used to complete the sentence.
  6. Lastly, make use of the 75 minutes properly, in case you finish your exam before time, keep on reading your answers again and again, specifically the ones which you are not sure about, this will definitely help in fetching higher marks. (While attempting the test, mark the questions you are not sure about, so that you can focus only on those questions in your ‘extra’ time which you get after completing the entire test)

This is a very exceptional kind of NCFM Module, which requires some extra efforts to grab the certification; understand its relevance and go for it; “ALL THE VERY BEST”

Also, learn about the difference between depository and custodian which will be helpful for this module.

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