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Top Finance Based Competitions Across The World


Top Finance Based Competitions Across The World

There are a number of finance-based competitions that keep happening throughout the year. In this article, we will have a look at the 20 top finance-based competitions across the world (in no particular order)

#1. BNP Paribas ‘Ace Manager’ challenge

It is an online business game that takes place in a fictional town called ‘Universe City’ where Participating teams have to carry out various tasks related to retail banking, asset management, and corporate and investment banking which will be embedded in case studies relating to these events. Check this link for the BNP Paribas Ace Manager challenge.

#2. The Credit Suisse Holt Valuation Challenge

HOLT is a method of calculating return on capital. The HOLT Valuation Challenge is a three-week game designed to improve the participant’s familiarity with the methodology of calculating the return of capital.

#3. JPMorgan’s ‘The Deal Competition

It is a competition where students in a team consisting of 3-5 people can play as being financial advisors on a deal involving a publicly listed company and a target company within the same industry in emerging Asia where teams analyze mergers and come up with a PowerPoint presentation elucidating the logic for the merger and the pitfalls of it.

#4. KPMG’s International Case Competition

A four-day event held in Sao Paulo, Brazil where participants are given a myriad of complex business scenarios to discuss. Students from 23 countries are eligible for this contest. For more details of the KPMG International case competition, check out this link.

#5. The UK Investment Banking Series

Based in Imperial College, the London School of Economics and University College London is sponsored by Morgan Stanley. Teams get together and state their opinion on a fantasy acquisition. Students are also free to come up with a trading strategy for a day.

#6. The Global Investment Banking Olympiad

This competition is for those participants aspiring to be a part of Management & Administration. The competition begins with 5,000 people ending with 10 finalists.

#7. ModelOff – Financial modeling world championship.

A financial modeling championship consisting of three rounds with the final round to be held in New York.

#8. CFA Institute Research Challenge

It is an India based competition that promotes the best and most efficient practices in equity research for future analysts. It is an annual, global competition that aims to improve the scope of financial analysis.

#9. The Cool Connection Global Student Challenge

This competition has been started by the Supply Chain Finance Community to bring a sense of awareness on Supply Chain Finance.

#10. International Challenge on Economic Ideas

An international essay competition with its target audience being undergraduate students world over, run by a non-profit group called ICEI.

#11. Shell Ideas 360

is a very interesting and relevant competition to solve present world problems of food, water, and electricity issues wherein the winner would get an opportunity to win a National Geography Adventure.

#12. The New School Competition

is a New York-based competition is one of the leading competitions in the East Coast of the U.S.A wherein participants are supposed to give a new and innovative market prediction idea.

#13. Fordham Business Challenge

is a finance cum technical challenge held to assess the participant’s insights and the finer nuances of their financial knowledge.

#14. MDH Tech Race

is organized by Malardalen University in Sweden, this competition aims at bringing out the best business practices among participants and elicit stock market strategies from them.

#15. Stocks and Shares investments Challenge

is organized in California aimed at bringing the best and innovative ideas while investing in the share market.

#16. Goldman Sach’s Innovation Challenge

is based in India whose focal area is to bring out the best there in terms of new market research and open a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their best ideas.

#17. Accenture Best Idea Competition

is based in U.S.A. This annual competition is for new investors to bring out their best and innovative ideas to correctly predict the trends and build a model on the ideal time to invest in a company’s stocks.

#18. Market Finance Quick Challenge

Puts participant’s wall street and stock market knowledge to the test and expects participants to come up with their own Risk-Analysis model for investing in the stock market.

#19. ROLEX Awards for Enterprise

is a competition for young leaders who present innovative ideas for the advancement and betterment of society. 

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