15 Best Financial Websites to Follow

15 Best Financial Websites to Follow

Best Fiancial Websites: We all know that in some way or other, finance has become an essential part of our life. However, it is a very broad topic. Many of you must be interested in learning the essentials of personal finance, whereas some of you might as well be looking forward to a career in investment banking. Some of you might be passionate about investing while on the other hand some of you might be interesting in areas such as trading, clearing, settlement, various asset classes etc.

There are numerous articles and blogs available online which provide you all the information and the latest news about the world of finance. Here, we bring for you some of the best websites in financial markets that you must follow:

#1. FinMarketGuru:

Yes, we are narcissist! For all those of you looking to get well acquainted with the financial world – FinMarketGuru is the place to be! This website hosts a plethora of information about the latest financial news as well as trends in the markets. Apart from this, it also provides really informative articles covering updates from US, Europe and Asian markets. The articles are easy to understand (financial markets simplified!) and target the basic questions that would have definitely crossed your mind and hence it strikes a chord with most of the readers!

#2. CapitalMind:

If you are seeking news about all the major events and turnarounds that affect the Indian stock market, this blog will provide it to you. It also has some nice articles on the Indian economy and latest news about the quoted companies in the market, so do visit this blog. The man running CapitalMind is Deepak Shenoy who is well known in the financial markets for his thought provoking insights regarding Indian stock market.

#3. The calm investor:

This is one blog with comparatively short write-ups and easy to understand examples on the Indian market. If you are looking for a simple yet effective blog then you should check this one for sure!

#4. Livemint:

If you want articles on business news, Indian economics along with current affairs then Livemint is a good site for that. Apart from this is also provides stock market analysis and is quite popular among users.

#5. Value investor India:

This blog is written by Rohit Chauhan and it is a well thought of and informative blog about the Indian market. It has some really good stories and portrays the happenings in the market using real-life examples. Someone looking for simplicity must definitely look into these articles.

#6. The financial literates (TFL guide):

Hemant Beniwal, a certified Financial Planner authors this blog about a wide range of topics such as investments, taxation , insurances as well as personal finance and financial planning. It helps you gain a better understanding about the working of the finance industry and help you to avoid the mis-selling of financial instruments.

#7. Cheat sheet:

This blog is really unique because it portrays the news not in form of articles, rather in form of videos! So those of who are bored of reading text must check this blog! It focuses on topics covering the world economy and also major news and happenings in the international market.

#8. Investment guru india:

If you are into hardcore trading and if you trade regularly then this site is for you. It is all about prices and stock movements, IPOs listing and also gives relevant industry information. However this blog lacks the insights of the author that other non-technical blogs provide.

#9. Econospeak:

A little bit of economics news is necessary for everyone, so this blog is a must follow if you want to brush up on your knowledge about the current ongoings in the world. It gives you a perspective of the financial side of events, perfectly explaining how global economy works.

#10. Equity master:

This website not only provides you with information about stocks, mutual funds and commodities, but it also serves as a platform for comparison of different stocks’ performance and it is also a great place to find useful information about the various industrial sectors in India. It also has a very good feature – “the 5 minute wrap up” which gives you latest news right in your mailbox.

#11. Jago investor:

For valuable insight on matters related to personal finance and the Indian stock market you can refer to this blog. It also has posts on tax issues and many product reviews as well. The author of this blog is Manish Chauhan who has written numerous books on finance despite being from an IT background.

#12. Financial samurai:

This blog is not much about news but it does give you some pretty good general financial knowledge and answers many day-to-day doubts.

#13. Buyer Behaviour:

Setting itself apart from the list, this blog is a bit different in the terms that rather than centring around the stock market, it focuses on the buyers. It has articles on consumer behaviours such as consumer loyalty and consumer service which are pretty interesting and refreshing. It also informs about brand building and market positioning strategies.

#14. Be money aware:

Containing more than 270 articles, this blog covers topics ranging from loans to taxes to trading and is quite comprehensive.

#15. Marketcalls:

Last but not the least, this blog is authored by Rajender R. who is a system trader and trading strategy designer. It focuses on technical analysis of stocks in the Indian and provides good information on the trends and key economic developments.

And now, a bonus! Our 16th website is:

#16. MoneyGyaan.com:

MoneyGyaan is a growing personal finance portal in India, aiming to educate people about how to handle money and related things like online banking guides, investment tips, retirement planning, insurance advise, credit card tips, how to save money and many more basic tutorials to help people in their everyday life.

This list is not exhaustive, there are thousands of sources available on the internet which can be followed. In this ever changing world, it is imperative to keep yourself apace with the latest developments and happenings. With the advent of the fintech industry and many other disruptive factors like the boom of e-commerce, the financial industry is evolving really fast and hence following an economics-finance blog or a blog on financial markets is a sure-fire way to keep yourself up to date with the world.

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