11 Best Platforms To Learn Trading In Stocks

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11 Best Platforms To Learn Trading In Stocks


Stock Market is hard to predict. You need to be fundamentally and technically strong for that and though you might be strong in this area, it is not always true what you learn theoretically will be applicable in the practical stock market world also.


For that, you need dive in the stock market with some real money to get yourself familiar with it. The best way to learn is through online virtual trading platform, where you can get hands-on experience in the stock market without risking your hard earned money.


There are many platforms providing virtual stock trading, but some of the sites, which are highly recommended, are as follows:


  1. Trakinvest: It is one of the best trading platforms we have found so far. The member can create chance to get real jobs or internships by showing their trading skills through this platform. The platform provides tools such as news, Twitter feeds, stock related financial information to analyzing and making decision. You can also track the movements of the best performers and your friends.
  1. Moneybhai: It is a free virtual trading game for Indian stock market. It is a simulation game where you will be give 10 million INR in virtual money with an intraday limit of 10 million. You will have the option to invest in stocks, bonds, fixed deposits and mutual funds. On this platform, you can create a league game with friends and also interact with them as well as other users.

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  1. Dalal Street Stock Market Challenge: Bombay stock exchange (BSE) in collaboration with Dalal Street investment Journal provides this virtual platform to learn to trade in stock market. The Stock market focuses on three types of audience – serious traders, youngsters and those who have lost confidence in the stock market. It has several levels and in each level the difficulty level keeps on increasing. There will be a demo to teach you how to play and also a game master to answer your queries.
  1. NSE Paathshala: It is also a nice dummy platform to learn trading in National Stock Exchange. It is an initiative of National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) to educate the investors through virtual trading.
  1. ICICI Direct Virtual Stock: ICICI Direct Virtual Stock, an award winning online platform is an initiative of ICICI Direct (from ICICI bank in India) to give practical knowledge and experience in stock market through trading. Besides stocks you can also buy or sell derivatives like futures and options. You can trade with the real market data with virtual money.
  1. Wall Street Magnate: On this platform, with an imaginary currency of $1,00,000 you can trade stocks based on the data available from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ and AMEX. With more than 25000 users, you can interact and compete with them.
  1. MarketWatch: Market Watch is a financial website by Dow & Jones Co. providing virtual trading platform in stocks with real time market data. You have the option to create your own game or you can join a game that others have created.
  1. Wall Street Survivor: WSS allows you to virtually trade, create and manage your dream portfolio while competing against your friends and other users. You can also learn fundamentals of the trading stocks, bonds, futures, currencies through comprehensive lesson and blogs. You may have an opportunity to earn up to $300 through leagues conducted by them.
  1. India Bulls Securities’ Stock Game: It is a virtual trading platform of Indiabulls Ventures Limited which is one of India’s leading capital markets companies providing securities broking and advisory services. You will be getting a virtual amount of 1 million INR each week to play in the market and there are also some exciting opportunities for winners.
  1. Money Plot: It is stock market simulation game based on Indian stock market. After registering for free you will receive INR 2 million as virtual money for each game and you can select stocks listed on Bombay stock exchange (BSE) to create portfolio based on real stock news updates. It is used by top B-Schools in India as a part of their curriculum or college events.
  1. Investfly: It also a good online trading platform where you can learn and manage your virtual portfolio of stocks and can build your own automated trading strategies. It provides trading tools to the users and conducts monthly trading contests.


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This article has been contributed by Bedabrat Hazarika ([email protected]) who is passionate about financial markets. Bedabrat is currently a student Master of Finance (M.Sc. Quant. Finance) at Department of Statistics, Pondicherry University.