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10 tough financial markets interview questions


10 tough interview questions in financial markets and how to handle them


Interviews are a very crucial step for any recruitment drive which is also the most important of all as it enables the recruiter and the applicant himself to get to know the company’s profile and the people whom he will be working around.


Recruiters can ask anything and everything from the candidate and expect them to know the answer while some questions are tricky and ambiguous in nature there the recruiter is looking not for the right answer but the thought process that the candidate will apply to arrive at a particular answer.
Here are some of the toughest questions you can expect in an interview around financial markets, and our advice how to handle these..

#1. How the purchase of a new machinery will affect the three financial statements of the company?

This question can be asked in many different scenarios like a depreciation on a building or a change in capital expenditure. It can be answered by explaining the change in income statement like a depreciation on a machine will be affected by showing the amount on the income statement then in the cash flow there will be a change in investing activities and the corresponding purchase amount will be deducted, in the Balance Sheet the machine will come on the asset side of the balance sheet. So while answering this question, focus on how the various statements will be impacted.

#2. How many tube lights are there in this Building?

Guess estimates are the most sought after questions in a finance/ financial markets interview as such questions judge the analytical skills of a person. Tackling such questions is not easy and one should be prepared and have a sound sense of observation and analytics. As an example, one might begin by seeing the lights in the room (say 3) and then estimate the number of rooms (say 4 on each floor) and estimate number of floors in the building (say 10).. so a rough estimate can be given such as 3*4*10 = 1200. The interviewer is more interested in your approach and is less worried about the exact answer. This gives an interviewer, an insight into your thought process which is extremely important while working in financial markets area.

#3. Tell me about the recent economic outlook of the country?

General trends about the economy can be asked in an interview as one should be aware about the recent trends and the happening of the build-ups around the country and worldwide, Reading finance columns and journals are the best thing that on can do to tackle these kind of questions as they are very frequently asked in a interview. Also, be aware of how the stock market index is performing. How are the markets in general such as US market, Asian markets and European markets are performing. Have a rough idea of what level markets closed recently and if there is a downward trend or upward trend, what might be the reason for the same?

#4. General Accounting and Finance Terms?

Simple accounting and finance terms like WACC, Cost of Capital and Golden accounting rules can be asked in an interview as it tell how sound are your basics are. You should always be prepared with these kind of questions and be ready to nail it when it comes your way.

#5. Why Us?

The most common question that one can ask is why us? Why have you chosen us when there are so many other players around? Be ready to say all the good things about the company so they feel that you have done your homework and it’s not just any other interview that you have come to attend. Do some background check on the company and the recent deals that the company have done over the years.

#6. What qualities do you possess in order to succeed in the job role?

Read the job description carefully and brush up all the skills that are required in order to succeed in the job role. Be prepare to encounter a live case study.

#7. What are your strength and weakness?

This is the commonly ask in every job interview you will take and you should know your strength and demonstrate it with an example which will be a backing for your quality as a weakness one should tell them how they are working towards improving it. Be honest when you answer this one.

#8. What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your professional career and how you overcame it?

This can also be asked in an interview and one can take up an example from the project or an internship which he/she has recently done and should demonstrate the challenge to work on the internship and how they overcome the difficulty.

#9. What is your major achievement in your professional career so far?

Highlight your skills and achievements as they are don’t try to be clever as they will come to know at an instance take up an example of a deal or a major work change that you were a part of and try to explain it in the best possible way.

#10. Tell me something about yourself?

This question is an ice breaker for an interviewer and you should be able to come up with a 30 second kickass pitch to describe yourself and also relates everything that it in your resume.

Before appearing for any interview, be prepared to have some key facts and figures ready about the company and have a good understanding of the job profile. Being confident is a pre-requisite to crack any interview that you come across. Be honest in everything you say and avoid giving any wrong or unclear answer which may irritate the interviewer. Avoid discussing your compensation in the first interview itself as it may leave a negative impression.

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