10 popular Fintech events you must attend!


10 popular Fintech events you must attend!


With the financial markets experiencing a dynamic upheaval almost every year, there are always some new Fintech events, meet-ups and conferences. For those who want to have a better idea of such events should know that it is not only a bunch of finance tycoons meeting up and sipping coffee. Instead these events are a celebration of disruption and innovation in the world of finance.


All latest innovations are showcased and the most unique and successful startups and companies are presented. Experiences and opinions are shared not only by national but also international experts. The bunch of events that were categorized as most popular in year 2016 left people awed at the amazing financial achievements they incurred in the market. The article shall now discuss some of those amazing events that have happened since the start of the year 2016 and some that are yet to be held in 2016.


Upcoming events in 2016


1. FinCon16
This meet-up is scheduled for September 21-24, 2016 in San Diego, California. The main specialty of this event is the focus on online strategies with reference to financial markets. Attendees form various financial backgrounds gather up to share their ideas about Personal finance and investment opportunities and how companies can boost online marketing and increase online presence using social media strategies and other online marketing tools.

2. Money 20/20

This event will take place in October 23-26, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event is considered to be the largest event for payments and financial services technology. It will bring on one platform; personnel form some 75 countries including industry executives and financial tycoons.


Past events in 2016


3. European FinTech awards & conference

This event took place on 14 Apr 2016 in Amsterdam. This is the place where all the innovative and disruptive FinTech companies are awarded on their performance and achievements. Now, that is one great opportunity to meet up with 400 bankers, entrepreneurs, consultants/advisors and investors who could aid you really well in advancement of your own business. This year’s award ceremony was held at ABN AMRO head office situated in Amsterdam. Moreover International speakers and panel discussions added up to the overall credibility of this mega event.


4. Payexpo London

This was held on June 7-8, 2016 in London where the objective was to bring the entire European Payments Ecosystem together in order to disrupt the Status quo and help evolve payments market space. Also, the discussions involved trends and issues within European payments technology markets.


5. InVest 2016

This was held in New York City in June 20-22, 2016. The primary focus was on wealth management practices, technology solution s and financial trends. Saving strategies served as the centre of attraction and every attendee took part in the heated financial discussions.


6. The empire startups Fintech conference

This conference was held on April 26, 2016 in New York City. The event proved to be a splendid opportunity for all Fintech startups and their founders who were looking forward to connect with investors who could back their ventures. The conference revealed some interesting insights and tips to Fintech founders that could enable them to run their businesses more professionally and smoothly. It is expected that another version of this conference will be held in November, 2016 in San Francisco.


7. The women’s Money conference

Held on April 16, 2016 in Las Vegas, this event’s primary focus were women affiliated to multiple financial industries. Also this conference caters the ways women can become more skilled at making decisions related to finance and how they can succeed in using various types of financial technology solutions.


8. LendIt USA

The world’s largest online lending events meet-up was held this year in April in San Francisco, California. It is indeed a platform where exhibitors, company demos, panels and speakers connect together to generate a flux of knowledge that examines international lending opportunities.


9. The Annual Conference on Financial Education

This mega event took place on April 13-14, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. This conference was aimed at developing individuals professionally and also at increasing their financial literary knowledge and Fintech skills in best possible manners.


10. Finovate Europe

This event was held in London somewhere in the second week of February, 2016. This event served as a great platform, demo-only format, for all those banking and financial technology companies who wished to showcase their solutions. The audience was quite hybrid comprising of startup founders, bankers , finance institutions and venture capitalists and other big corporations. This Finovate conference was not the end for Europe as it was followed by other conferences, one held in spring (May, 2016) in San Jose whereas the other is expected to take place in September in New York City, All following the demo-only format.


The journey doesn’t end here, fall season is yet to introduce exciting events with people waiting for much more to happen in year 2017, let’s wait and watch!