10 oldest stock exchanges in the world

Oldest Stock Exchanges

10 oldest stock exchanges in the world


Oldest stock exchanges: Do you know which are the oldest stock exchanges in the world?


Let us have a quick look..

1. Amsterdam stock exchange

1. Amsterdam stock exchange in 1602 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. Paris Stock Exchange

2. Paris Bourse in 1724 in Paris, France.

3. Philadelphia Stock Exchange

3. Philadelphia Stock Exchange in 1790 in Philadelphia, United States.



4. London Stock Exchange

The historical Royal Stock Exchange building, London, UK

4. London Stock Exchange in 1801 in London, England.

5. Milan Stock Exchange

Oldest Stock Exchanges

5. Milan Stock Exchange in 1808 in Milan, Italy.

And if you dont know the story behind this middle finger. Here it is:

Wall Street’s charging-bull statue is the very epitome of financial strength. Outside the stock exchange in Italy’s financial capital is an equally unambiguous symbol: a giant marble middle finger. The 36-foot white sculpture is a hand without fingers except that vulgar one, pointing away from Milan’s stock market. It was made by Italy’s most famous contemporary artist, Maurizio Cattelan, who donated it to the city of Milan in 2010 on the condition that it grace Piazza Affari, or Business Square, where the bourse has its headquarters.

6. New York Stock Exchange

6. New York Stock Exchange in 1817 in New York, United States.


7. Frankfurt Stock Exchange

7. Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1820 in Frankfurt, Germany.


8. Madrid Stock Exchange

8. Bolsa de Madrid in 1831 in Madrid, Spain.


9. Toronto Stock Exchange

9. Toronto Stock Exchange in 1861 in Toronto, Canada.

10. Australian Stock Exchange

10. Australian Stock Exchange in 1872 in Sydney, Australia.


11. Bombay Stock Exchange

By the way, a bonus point.. Number 11 is BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange !!

BSE in Mumbai, India


We hope you enjoyed going through these pictures and liked the story of middle finger 😉

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