The InternSpeak section helps us unravel Internship experiences of FinMarketGuru interns. With this section, we bring forth some of the experiences of our interns..



Here is what some of our interns have to say about their experience with FMG:


Anshul Vaidya, MBA Finance & Marketing, New Delhi

anshul_vaidyaI have a keen interest in finance and financial markets domain and aspired to join FinMarketGuru to improve my skills as a Finance Content Writer. The organized approach on content calendar and periodic mails on different topic assignments in the content assignment always raised my morale and kept me focused on assignments at hand. The assignment topics helped me to improve my understanding and knowledge about different current trends in financial markets. The level of research and preparation required to generate meaningful piece of information helped me to improve my conceptual understanding, factual awareness and dexterity of knowledge in various financial streams.

A reader or an intern can look forward to gain valuable insights on latest financial information, as well as stay informed about relevant financial and capital markets related topics through the guidance and mentoring provided by FinMarketGuru.

FMG on Anshul’s internship

Anshul joined us as a financial content writer intern. His ability to research various topics is commendable. Anshul’s articles needed little modification during editorial review, which reflected quality work. Best part was that Anshul was able to write on any topic which was assigned to him showing his maturity level and flexibility for a variety of financial topics. 


Priya Mehta, IIT Kharagpur

female-avatar“I signed up as an intern at FinMarketGuru expecting to be a financial content writer but I got a lot more than that. The topics that I was assigned for my articles were about the current affairs in the finance world. It was challenging and interesting to read about these topics and it kept me on my toes to be up to date. It really benefited me in terms of the knowledge gained. I shall keep this habit with me even later. The communication was smooth always. The team was very supportive in case I needed any help or wanted to get my doubt clarified regarding how to approach an article. Lastly, the satisfaction that you get when an article written by you gets published, is immense. I would like to thank the entire team of FinMarketGuru for giving me this opportunity.”

FMG on Priya’s internship

Priya joined us as an intern from IIT Kharagpur. We found her presentation style quite good. Priya reflects good understanding of various financial topics and is always committed to the work assigned and we appreciate her good work ethics.


Nishant Sonkar, Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi

nishant_sonkar“Learning is an infinite process and also the most interesting one, when I joined FinMarketGuru as a content writer the experience of exploring new things around the financial world and going deep beyond the obvious articles. The work assigned was challenging and at the same time, a learning of a lifetime. Working on various tasks assigned, writing quality content, doing thorough analysis on a topic and making it readable to go online was a learning it itself. I would like to thank the FinMarketGuru team for giving me the opportunity to display and showcase my work under their constant guidance and support.”

FMG on Nishant’s internship

Nishant has ability to write on a number of topics. He is always ready for challenges and we found him to be very professional and punctual in his assignments. Best was his ability to ask the right questions – at the right time! And seek guidance whenever needed.


Komal Mutha, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

female-avatarDuring the tenure of Internship with FinMarketGuru, I learnt some very significant things, to list few of them:

How to face challenges..The challenges were some of the topics about which I never heard, spoke, read but I had to write and it was such an awesome experience to master at a topic which you never thought of and the appreciation from the FMG team for the articles added to my happiness and satisfaction. How to write your very own article..we have a habit of copying from here and there, but when we write our own article, we should own every bit of it. The task which I thought was very easy had its own difficulties and while overcoming such difficulties, I learned a lot. Definitely, there was increase in knowledge. Also, I learned some article writing guidelines and also realised how much effort goes behind every single article. I would take this opportunity to thank everyone of them who made my article look so good.

This is the best learning platform if you desire to pursue content writing as your profession. Learn from your mistakes as there is someone who guides you in internship. So make best use of your internship tenure. And Write, Learn, Explore and Grow – as much as you can!

FMG on Komal’s internship

Komal has always come up as an enthusiastic participant in the internship program. She is very well versed with a number of NCFM certifications and we appreciate her work ethics. She needed minimum guidance and was able to work independently on most of the assignments.


We hope you enjoyed reading these experiences. In case financial markets excite you as much as they excite us and you would like to explore internship opportunities with us, do write to us at contact[AT]FinMarketGuru[DOT]com