13 tips to travel the world on low budget


13 tips to travel the world on low budget


In this boring life, who likes to stay at a single place? These days everyone looks for a break. When you think of getting a break from your daily chores, the first thing which comes to your mind is stepping out of your place i.e. nothing but travel somewhere.


Travelling has become a necessity these days. But! But! But! Even the road to enjoyment is not free from obstacles. You must be wondering what can stop you from travelling once you have just decided to go there. Well that thing is ‘Money’! Folks, before deciding the destination, you need to check your ‘pockets’. It is a human tendency to expect more from limited things we put into anything i.e. we need extra outputs from limited inputs. Similar funda goes for travelling, we want to travel the whole world, but at a limited cost.




Here are few tips to travel the world on low budget:


A Famous saying goes like this, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Very much applicable in planning a world trip, you must plan it in advance, so that you can grab any cost saving opportunity that comes your way. Funds planning has to be done beforehand, you cannot all of a sudden think of making a world tour as it involves a significant amount of outflow of your earnings and savings.


We humans pack like we are never going to return back. This a small but significant point, we should carry minimum stuff with us while travelling as it helps in minimizing the unnecessary luggage fees. Instead, come with more things! Ofcourse you will be shopping hard throughout the entire journey.


Don’t be under the misconception that you need more money in hand while moving for a long journey. Do not carry a heavy amount of cash. Also go for a debit/ credit card that doesn’t levy charges on your purchases made in foreign countries. You don’t even need to bother about traveller’s cheque. But always make a comparative analysis of different options available. Purchasing foreign currency directly from airport is not a good option.


You have to constantly keep a watch on best travelling offers. Sometimes, you can even travel for free by earning free flights. Also, you can sign up for some cards which offer some points, bonuses and other exciting offers which helps you in travelling cheap. Watching over the deals is the key to success.


There are many marvelous destinations in the world which you can travel with a low budget. So choose the one which suits you the best. Some of them can be China, Central America, Thailand, Eastern Europe, etc.


In simple terms, this means having a ride partner. Rather than travelling alone, travel with the one whose destination matches yours. This helps in division of the travelling costs. This can be seen as an opportunity for creating new contacts and building relations with the different unknown people. Sometimes, going out of the way is a real fun-so- experience.


Indeed true! Work hard and spend harder. One can get engaged in some sort of casual work while travelling which can raise some additional funds. And working along with travelling is not a bad idea; as both the tasks goes simultaneously.


Decide in advance, the period during which you want to travel. Study the pattern of the places you desire to visit. It is advisable to travel any place when it is not overcrowded with people. One should travel when there is no peak season and the accommodation and other rates are likely low.


Again this is a small tip but can assist you in saving many pennies. Instead of hiring private cabs, one must always use the public transport services provided by the respective country. Even if it is not free, but it is cheap as compared to the private hiring of transportation services.


While abroad, make use of the different apps like Viber, Whatsapp, etc. to stay connected with your peers. There is no need to spend heavily on the mobile bills in this E-era. Nobody can deny the fact that these are more cost effective communication services than the telecommunication services.


As you are there to travel and explore the world, I don’t think so you’ll be sitting around the couch or resting on bed for a long. You will just need a room for couple of hours; so why spend more just for staying in a lavish hotel or something like that. One needs to spend wisely throughout the world tour. Some localites in foreign countries keep the tourists for free staying at their place (such as couchsurfing.com), if you are fine with staying with them, this is also a good option. Well, you will have to research on this for knowing the people who provide such kind of free services. Or you may check good deals on Airbnb.com which might be more than 50% cheaper than hotels! Also, if you have time you can save on the cost of breakfast or dinner by cooking on your own! For lunch, you may eat outside though 🙂


Yes, this is also a kind of insurance. To travel with safety, one may opt for getting his travel insured. The travel insurance helps when things go wrong or in unplanned manner. There are many insurance companies which provide this kind of insurance to the aspirant tourists.


When you think of travelling, this is also a relevant point to be considered. Your travel route has to be uni-directional and not multi-directional. Through this, you can travel more and spend less. Otherwise, if the desirable destinations are scattered throughout the world, then probably much of the funds will get wasted in reaching there from here.


So, still thinking? Get up and Get Going with the help of aforesaid mentioned tips. If not now, then when? So plan, pack and explore and be back with lots and lots of good memories that will be cherished forever.


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